NaNoGenMo 10, Chapter Prompt Experiments

This is starting to look like a story if you squint hard enough, but consistency is not quite there. My idea is to generate a long string of skeleton prompts that mostly follows a linear journey with pseudo random events.

Prompt (partly hard coded, partly generated, I am experimenting with the format):

“At the river crossing, the group has a confrontation with authorities with a party of elves. Exciting fantasy story describing the surroundings third person view. Five chapters”

and the story with GPT-3:


The group of travelers had been making their way through the forest for days, and were now nearing the end of their journey. They had been moving cautiously, aware that they were entering into elven territory. The elves were not known for their hospitality, and the travelers knew that it would be best to avoid any confrontation.

As they approached the river that marked the edge of elven territory, they could see a group of elves waiting for them. It was clear that the elves were not there to welcome them.

The leader of the travelers stepped forward and spoke in a calm voice. “We mean you no harm. We are just passing through your territory and will be gone again soon.”

The elves did not look convinced. One of them stepped forward and said, “You are not welcome here. You must turn back now.”

The leader of the travelers tried to reason with the elves, but it was clear that they were not going to budge. The situation was tense, and it looked like there could be violence at any moment.

Finally, the leader of the travelers made a decision. “We will not turn back. We will cross this river and be on our way.”

The elves did not look happy, but they did not try to stop the travelers as they crossed the river. The group breathed a sigh of relief as they left elf territory behind them.


The river was wide and deep, and the current was strong. The travelers were forced to swim for their lives. Some of them made it to the other side, but others were swept away by the current.

Those who made it to the other side were exhausted and soaked. They had to rest for a few minutes before they could continue on their journey.

As they were getting ready to move again, they heard a noise from the other side of the river. They could see the elves coming after them.

The leader of the travelers knew that they could not outrun the elves. They would have to fight.

He turned to the others and said, “We will stand and fight. We will not let them take us without a fight.”

The others nodded, and they all took up positions to defend the crossing.

The elves were getting closer, and the travelers could see the look of determination on their faces. They knew that they were in for a tough fight.


The elves reached the other side of the river and charged at the travelers. The two sides clashed in a fierce battle.

The elves were outnumbered, but they were skilled fighters. The travelers were struggling to hold them off.

The leader of the travelers was fighting desperately. He had taken down several elves, but there were too many of them. He was surrounded and outnumbered.

Just when it looked like the elves were going to overwhelm the travelers, they heard a noise from the forest. A group of elves was coming to help them.

The reinforcements turned the tide of the battle. The travelers were now able to fight back and drive the elves away.


The elves were gone, but the travelers knew that they would be back. They had to cross the river and put as much distance between them and the elves as possible.

They started to cross the river, but the current was too strong. They were swept away by the water and pulled under.

Some of the travelers managed to grab onto rocks or branches and pull themselves to safety. Others were not so lucky and drowned.

The ones who made it to safety were exhausted and traumatized. They had lost friends and comrades in the river.

They rested for a few minutes, and then they continued on their journey. They did not speak, and they did not look back.


The travelers were now in hostile territory. They knew that they were being followed by the elves, and they had to be careful.

They came to a fork in the road, and they had to decide which way to go. They could hear the elves coming closer, and they knew that they had to make a decision quickly.

The leader of the travelers made a decision. “We will take the left fork. We

It cuts here because of the prompt limitation I put for the generation