2022 Months Ranked

It is hard to sum up a terrible year with a lot going wrong in my personal life, so I just use Upgrade Vorhees Scale to rank the months of 2022:

January 2022 - Just below average - nothing notable

February 2022 - Awful (war in Ukraine, lot of stress related to work)

March 2022 - Worst, I hate you (war in Ukraine, moved to a new apartment, broke up)

April 2022 - Awful (all that ☝️)

May 2022 - Awful plus (in the brink of a burnout)

June 2022 -Just below average (all that above, but started meeting new people, also 🦠)

July 2022 - Believe (good fun family stuff, Finnish summer)

August 2022 - Awful plus (some work related stress)

September 2022 - Believe (new relationship that went to places fast, work stuff getting better)

October 2022 - Awful (that new relationship didn’t last, all the good news wiped out by nasty surprises, only thing going great: work)

November 2022 - Awful (still felt that any good news always came with a monkey paw gotcha)

December 2022 - Just below average (new promising things brewing, but still got some not so nice surprises)

On the average 2022 in my life - Awful plus, better than 2016 and 2014 but that is about it. Here’s hoping 2023 will be much, much better