3x365 Finnish(!) words, Day 16

As I said in Timo Koola · 3x365 Russian Words, Day 16 we have separate lesson for Finnish today. Our sentence is:

“Voisitteko aurata lumikinoksen tuosta oven edestä?”

“Could you please plow the snowbank in front of the door?”

This is rather formal, but useful when asking the janitor for some help 🙃.

Words here are:

  1. “Voisitteko” is a conditional, plural third person form of verb “voida” which means “to can” with “-ko” marking it as a question. See Finnish verb ‘voida’ conjugated for gory details 😀. Conditional question verbs are a polite form of asking. This is the rough equivalent of “please” and there is no separate Finnish word for it.
  2. “aurata” is simply “to plow”
  3. “lumikinoksen” is our old friend “lumikinos” in genitive form
  4. “oven” genitive form of “ovi” - “door” (remember Ovi (Nokia) - Wikipedia?)
  5. “edestä” is simply “from in front of” - baseform is “edessä”