3x365 Russian Words, Day 27

Today we were fighting over the last slice of pizza and needed the following phrase:

“почему не даешь мне пиццу?!”

“Why aren’t you giving me any pizza?”

“Mikset anna mulle pizzaa!?”

Words are mostly old and familiar like почему Timo Koola · 3x365 Russian Words, Day 26 from yesterday

  1. даешь дать - to give - antaa

  2. мне dative form of я - I - minulle / mulle (colloquial)

  3. пиццу accusative form of пицца - pizza - pizza (another easy Finnish word for your vocabulary)

We might need to have a look at Noun declination. This Study Russian Online: Russian Cases article covers the basics well - in short dative is a form for indirect object and accusative is a form of direct object.

In Finnish dative function is taken over by Allative case

pizza and a can of coke