3x365 Russian Words, Day 63

Today I spent time trying to wrap my head around the Russian noun declension system. I guess I will be reading about it again again soon. First I went through this video:

And then read this on instrumental case specifically:

The Instrumental Case - Russian Grammar

This case answers to a question “what with” or “by what”. For instance I write with a pen or drive by a car or in our example:

“Я люблю блинчики с икрой”

“I love pancakes with caviar”

“Pidän letuista mädin kanssa”

  1. блинчики - diminutive of Блин we met on Day 46 - blin, lettu

  2. люблю - I love - rakastan

  3. икрой instrumental of икра - roe, caviar - mäti, kaviaari (which in Finnish means specifically only sturgeon ore)

blins with ore, hacked onion, smetana, pickles and other toppings