Job interview questions can be weird but not usually ”would you rather take $10 from the toilet seat or $50 from within the bowl” weird Habs ridiculed for asking young prospect a disgusting question during draft combine interview -

This is from my Sunday walk in Espoo by the sea. Can’t believe this is with-in ring road I in Helsinki area, ten minute drive from the city centre

cows and calves on an emerald green pasturemore cows on the pasture

One consequence of being single again is that I use Instagram a lot more. Those steamy selfies for Tinder feel more at home at IG than in my blog 😅

Been neglecting writing lately. Promised myself I will post something daily on one my blogs during the summer. Lots of changes in life, moved flats, broke up with my spouse and a new project at work. While I’ve been acting out normally, this spring has been extremely stressful and now I think I am getting back to not being extremely thinly spread all the time.

Currently reading: How To Rule An Empire and Get Away With It by K. J. Parker 📚. Book #2, here I come

Finished reading: Sixteen Ways to Defend a Walled City by K. J. Parker 📚

This review will be short, I will just say one of the best books I’ve read in few years. I absolutely loved every page of it. I identify very strongly with the main character, which might be awkward but works this time. Story is about a sieged city in about roughly Roman time (I suppose this is a fantasy world). Distinctive feature of this book how it treats war as a logistics operation, people are incomplete and broken, narrator is unreliable, and competent planning and execution wins the day

Sunsets in my new home 🥰

sunset over rooftops of Helsinkisunset, another take, rooftops of Helsinki and treessunset

Currently reading: Sixteen Ways to Defend a Walled City by K. J. Parker 📚. Break from Wheel of time. Interested to see if this is as good as I expect it to be

I live in the biggest ”city” of Finland. Also: chicken!

It would be super cool that companies that offered downloadable PDF receipts spent some time coming up with reasonable file names for that PDF. Looking at you “Receipt-2xxx-5xxx.pdf”

Sunsets 🌆

sunset over Helsinki

My kids are in Lissabon with my ex-wife. Meanwhile in Finland…

I don’t think I’ve seen a code base that didn’t have an extra delay somewhere because test/something else wouldn’t work other wise.

Still midway through this Success and Failure at Pebble. We launched Pebble on Kickstarter 10… - by Eric Migicovsky - Apr, 2022 - Medium but it might interest you, if you tried to love Pebble like I did

Speaking of Wheel of Time. There is something strange about the first two books I’ve now (almost) read. I can see so many flaws in these books, but I am still hooked to the story. I wonder what to think. I suppose it means I love this fantasy world?

This recentish episode of the Incomparable added so many books to my “to read” bookshelf. I guess, after my Wheel of Time energy runs out, I will pick “Sixteen Ways to Defend a Walled City” to read

The Incomparable - The Machine Was a Vampire (Episode 600)

In this six-hundredth episode of The Incomparable, recorded across two separate sessions, we talk about a whole bunch of novels—namely, our picks for the best SF/F novels of the first decade of The Incomparable, the 2010s!

I think Slack’s huddle is the most unappreciated voice call system in general use. Snappy, reliable, connects instantly

But I have to say my roof top home has the best sunsets…

sunset over houses and trees

Even if you prepare mentally for moving it always comes as a surprise how damn stressful it is. Now finally after two weeks of working I think the new flat is starting to look like acceptably organized.

Idea for a movie. Sequel to Good Bye, Lenin! but with unnamed dictator in a bunker playing the part of mom. People close to him convince him with great effort that everything is going according to plan

I specced up Mac Studio to what I would want it to be and wow the price tag is making me cry 😰. In other news, expected delivery: end of June 🙃. I’ll sit on the decision two more weeks…

I am getting stressed out by an ad online about desks where a person with extremely poor liquid management processes falls down a cup of coffee on top of a laptop. Very anxiety inducing. I see that ad all the time as I bought office equipment lately

I know there is a big part of Portugal represented here, would anyone know where to find the rules for entry to Portugal (COVID-related, Schengen)? Specifically: is “fully vaccinated” three or four shots?

I feel like thing to watch for when getting older are the things we warn our kids about. Just like our parents’ generation warned us about TV and now believe everything they see broadcast (see: Fox News, Rossija 1 demographics).

Maybe will be suckers for all sorts of tiktok scams when we get old(-er)

ICloud file sync has been perfectly reliable for me before, but now it has lost a file somewhere between iPad and my Mac and suddenly I have no trust for it anymore. Weird, how high the expectations are for software reliability that just one mistake (I’ve noticed, there could have been more…) makes you doubt everything