Assumption that everyone knows how to use computer is wrong. Just a reminder to myself. Taking several steps back and starting from ”this is a web browser”

I have really started liking ”connections” the NYT game. Very good vocabulary exercise for a non-native speaker like me

How do I express ”no value set” with HTML slider? Is there a recommended way to show the difference between ”zero value” and ”no value”?

That moment of pleasure mixed with horror when you find out that that hot sauce you bought is indeed hot

Currently reading: Provenance by Ann Leckie 📚

I didn’t even know there were more Radch books! My favourite thing in the world is to discover books that I am going to love.

Finished reading: Ancillary Mercy by Ann Leckie 📚

I have a system that is Django and static HTML with some sprinklings of Javascript, no build tools for frontend, no libraries and very little structure. Now I have one more compliacated dialog that would benefit of some more structure. What is the best way to add that? Vanilla JS and custom web component? Some ultralight library?

I think I’ve read Lord of the Rings like almost ten times but not in years. I feel that re-read is coming soon

”Apple, like most religions, don’t pay taxes”, genuine laugh out lod moment from Macbreak Weekly (and Andy Ihnatko)

Finished reading: Ancillary Sword by Ann Leckie 📚

I first tried to ignore whole British royalty related scandal, then I tried to read what was it all about, and I still don’t understand whats and whys of this story

Is there a song or a poem with a line like this: “Question I am asking 1am: would love exceed time?” (or something similar)?

Fact-checked the newspaper. Winter has indeed come back

Newspaper story with headline Winter will come backView outside my window, winter indeed came back. There is a fresh layer of new snow

How do you see Twitter’s endgame? Will it end up like Yahoo!/Tumblr being sold multiple times to someone who thinks they can turn it around, or will we see a glorious meltdown at some point?

Weirdly niche question: why does the audiobook reader of Ann Leckie’s Ancillary serier read ”Anaander Mianaai” more like ”An’ander Miatna’ai”? Is this based on some existing human language or explained somewhere?

Currently reading: Ancillary Sword by Ann Leckie 📚

Finished reading: Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie 📚. Re-read. Still excellent

Happy international women’s day everyone!

This handsome little boy turned 50 today!

Extremely smiley picture of me at four or five

If they named a law after you, what would the law cover?

Dyson Wash+Dry hand-dryer faucet is the stupidest invention ever. I can’t imagine anything coming even close

Solar activity: great chance to observe aurora tonight

Finnish weather: Sure, Jan.

View out of window. It is extremely foggy out

My number one Apple product wish is that they would licence out tech for touch id. I wish I could get a custom mechanical keyboard with fingerprint reader that worked with macOS

I needed to add a mouse to my Mac Studio setup (as Renoise acts weirdly with trackpad) and to my shock ended up needing a dongle to connect Logitech wireless mouse (USB-A receiver) as I had already ran out of one USB-A port the Studio has 😟

Are there really good stick letter fonts out there? Free or paid