Another Chinese gotcha I had no idea was happening: sometimes you read from right to left instead of left to right

From simplified to traditional

Started adding traditional Chinese characters to my learning queue and it seems to be the thing I needed to get extra motivation. Learning new things is so much more motivating than routinely spending 20 minutes a day reviewing words and characters I already knew.

Approaching 3000 characters and 6000 words (according to my service of choice Skritter) and I feel like 5000 characters is not that far away anymore


List of leeches as of September 2019

This is my “leeches” list of Chinese characters I have hard time getting into my head even with hard-core SRS regime. A leech is defined in Hacking Chinese blog post about leeches as

A leech is something that drains time from your studying and will keep doing so until you do something about it. The most essential example would be a piece of vocabulary, let’s say a character, that just refuses to stick in your mind.

My partly obsolete list (I’ve squashed some of them already and there a couple of new ones):

  • 楼 - lǒu - hug
  • 稠 - chóu - dense
  • 劫 - jié - rob
  • 澈 - chè - clear
  • 焦 - jiāo - burnt, scorched example: 焦点 - focus point, 焦虑 - anxious
  • 捏 - niē - to pinch, knead
  • 盗 - dào - steal
  • 羡 - xiàn - envy
  • 蕴 - yùn - store
  • 悦 - yuè - pleased
  • 鄙 - bǐ - low, vulgar

chinese characters on a white board